The Making of a Photopolymer Sign Expert and Artist: Part 1
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Doing Photopolymer Right

At Nova Polymer we work with dozens of sign fabricators every years as educators and advisors. The goal has not only been to integrate photopolymer methodologies into a fabricator’s overall practice but also to ensure that the process can be efficient and profitable. This requires extensive effort on behalf of the employees who manage the process. Their efforts and ongoing education can turn photopolymer production into a high level art that generates quality and profitable products..

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5 Leading Trends Impacting Sign Companies in 2015
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Sign Industry Trends

The International Sign Association Employer Survey shows that the economy is looking positive. Just over half of CEOs surveyed (51.4%) expected business to grow by double digits in 2015. While this growth is exciting, it is paired with an increasingly turbulent and competitive marketplace. For sign companies to succeed in 2015 they need to not just look at top line growth in the economy, they need to focus on competitive trends and look for new business opportunities.

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Sign Industry Events Perfect for Fall
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sgia_sign_industry_event_pageNow that Fall is finally here, and October fast approaching, there are many offerings of educational and networking opportunities in the sign industry. See all of the events October has to offer below.

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Update: Canadian Accessibility For Signage
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mens room photopolymer sign

Canadian ADA Update

A person taking a big picture snapshot of Disability Codes in Canada in the last three years since we wrote the Canadian Accessibility White Paper may come away disappointed. There has been very little action taken at either the federal of provincial level. Look a little more closely though and a fascinating picture emerges. An industry has emerged of disability sign specialists and fabricators that have developed best practices based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and existing Canadian guidelines and standards.

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How To Create An Award Using Photopolymer
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Novacryl Photopolymer

Awards for Bold Rock Hard Cider

Acorn Sign Graphics, Richmond VA, recently did a project for Bold Rock Hard Cider where they used photopolymer to replicated different awrads. Bold Rock crafts hard cider from local apples in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. 

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Sign Insdustry Events for September
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September is here and for many it means going back to the classrooms. For us, September is a new month full of new business opportunities and learning.

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5 Steps To Create a Damn Good Photopolymer Sign
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Artistic and Compliant

Photopolymer signs are primarily used to create ADA room identification signs. The design and style of a photopolymer sign enhances the aesthetic of a space and provides accessibility for people with visual disabilities who occupy the space.

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Great Sign Industry Events for the end of Summer
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The end of summer is just around the corner, but the Sign Industry still has a couple of great events for this end of season. Below are a few upcoming events for August.


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How To Avoid Paying $75k Fine for Your ADA Signs
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DOJ Increases Penalties For ADA Violations...don't let this be YOU.

Did you know that you can be fined $75k for a single ADA violation? ADA signs are not exempt from this fine and states and local jurisdictions are getting serious about enforcing ADA violations.

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How To Create Decorative Tactile ADA Signs
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Novacryl PT Series with raised decorative elemnts

ADA Signs Can Have More Than Braille

Photopolymer allows you to create raised decorative tactile elements on ADA signs. Raised elements enhance the look and feel of  ADA signs while often allowing for a unique design approach.

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