IIDEX 2014 Review
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IIDEX 2014

This article review was written by Keith Francis, VP Strategic Planning and Business Development at Acumen Visual Group.

December 3, 2014 at 9:00am marked a historic moment as Acumen Visual Group and Nova Polymers became members of IIDEX, Canada’s National Design + Architecture Exposition & Conference community of exhibitors. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre played host to Architects, Interior Designers, Environmental Designers and Emerging Professionals transforming the iconic convention space into a vibrant urban village showcasing the best and brightest of our design community.

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Proposition 65 and the Sign Industry
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Prop 65 and Signage

This article was written by Mike Santos and originally appeared in the December 2014 issue of Sign Builder Magazine.

It’s amazing how a California environmental law enacted in 1986 can effect the sign fabrication industry 28 years later, but that is the case with what has become known as “Proposition 65”.

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Sustainability in Signage
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Sustainability in Signage

Sustainability has been a key issue in sign fabrication for the last five years and interesting enough, the key debates never seem to get fully resolved. We still fight over the effectiveness of various methods and this is as it should be since technology changes frequently, and traditional approaches are often revisited. Below is an update of four of the most important sustainability strategies facing sign manufacturers.

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December Events for the Holiday Season
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Nova_Polymers_Workflow_ManagementThe holiday season is finally here, and there are just the right amount of December events to bring in the New Year. Take this opportunity to attend a meeting or holiday event to network and have a some fun!

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How “Section 179” can Save You Money
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Section 179Section 179 is a tax deduction that brings significant tax savings for small business.  It does not increase the total amount the small business owners can deduct, but it allows them to take their entire depreciation deduction in one year, rather than taking it a little at a time over the term of an asset’s useful life….which can be up to 39 years in some cases. This is called “first-year expensing” or “Section 179” expensing.

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Winning a Photopolymer Sign Job
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Novacryl Photopolymer Sign

Innerspec Case Study

Three years ago Cadwell Sign, Holliston, MA, made the decision to bring photopolymer sign making in-house. After processing photopolymer for over year, Cadwell applied to the Novacryl Preferred Fabricator Program. Becoming a Preferred Fabricator entails going through an annual audit to ensure quality, adherence to material processing guidelines as specified by Nova Polymers, photopolymer processing equipment is appropriately maintained, and efficient manufacturing processes have been implemented.

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November Events to be Thankful For
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Product Webinar Slider

November is proving to be a month of education and improvement with all of the webinars that are available. Take advantage of these opportunities to fine-tune your skills, and find answers to any questions you may have.

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The Making of a Photopolymer Sign Expert and Artist: Part 1
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Doing Photopolymer Right

At Nova Polymer we work with dozens of sign fabricators every year as educators and advisors. The goal has not only been to integrate photopolymer methodologies into a fabricator’s overall practice but also to ensure that the process can be efficient and profitable. This requires extensive effort on behalf of the employees who manage the process. Their efforts and ongoing education can turn photopolymer production into a high level art that generates quality and profitable products..

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5 Leading Trends Impacting Sign Companies in 2015
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Sign Industry Trends

The International Sign Association Employer Survey shows that the economy is looking positive. Just over half of CEOs surveyed (51.4%) expected business to grow by double digits in 2015. While this growth is exciting, it is paired with an increasingly turbulent and competitive marketplace. For sign companies to succeed in 2015 they need to not just look at top line growth in the economy, they need to focus on competitive trends and look for new business opportunities.

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Sign Industry Events Perfect for Fall
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sgia_sign_industry_event_pageNow that Fall is finally here, and October fast approaching, there are many offerings of educational and networking opportunities in the sign industry. See all of the events October has to offer below.

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