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Photopolymer Processor

24″ x 30″Orbital X Photopolymer Processor

Orbital XWe manufacture our Orbital X photopolymer Process in the US. The Orbital X is an all-in-one photopolymer processing unit designed to fabricate water-washable photopolymer sign material.

The Orbital X is a stack-style processor featuring an orbital washout, exposure section, a three drawer dryer and a post exposure section. Any of these features can be assembled to customize the platemaking system. The Orbital X is simple to use and versatile. Components are easily accessed (including the light drawers) from the front of the unit.

Safety features include “ground fault” protection, component fuses and a safety switch for UV lamps. The washout section is stainless steel to prevent corrosion. A dual orbital-action platen provides for efficient and smooth washout and a digital timer assures accurate washout times. The brush height is adjustable to suit your plate gauge requirements.

The exposure section is located in a drawer below the washout section and is equipped with a digital timer, vacuum pump and electronic solid-state ballasts. A thermostatically-controlled, 3-drawer dryer uses forced air to efficiently dry the plates. Each drawer is mounted on its own drawer slides.

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Processing Demonstration

Processing Demonstration Video

Video demonstration of how to make NovAcryl photpolymer signage using an Orbital X Photopolymer Water Wash Processor. This video will walk you through each step of the process including how to shear the finished sign panel using an AccuCutter 19″ finishing shear and hot to apply color to the raised tactile portion of the sign using a Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp device.

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