BSI British Standards

This British Standard is published by BSI and came into effect on 28 February 2009. It was prepared by Technical Committee B/559, Access for disabled people (previously B/209/8). A list of organizati... Read More

Accessibility Codes

Nova has been a leader in providing education and information about accessibility codes in the US, Canada, AUstralia and beyond.... Read More

Continuing Education

Nova Polymers has been an AIA approved Continuing Education Provider since 2009. We became a provider because we believe that providing educational content to the Architectural & Design community... Read More

BIM Object

Nova Polymers has partnered with Arcat, a leader in BIM object development to introduce the first BIM objects for use in Architectural and Wayfinding Signage.... Read More

Photopolymer FAQ

While we are known for our quality materials and fabrication equipment, you will discover our reputation for training, service and technical support surpasses every supplier.... Read More

How To Make Photopolymer Signs

There are 5 steps in the process of fabricating an ADA Complaint photopolymer sign. ... Read More

NovAcryl Preferred Fabricator

Nova has developed the NovAcryl Preferred Fabricator program which audits fabricators to ensure the highest level of quality is met.... Read More


NovAcryl Specification - 3-part CSI product Specification. You can download and create a 3-part spec using Spec Wizard from ... Read More

White Papers

View our series our White Paper on Accessibility Code and Green Building practices.... Read More

2010 ADA Standard

Section 703 Signs of the 2010 Standard for Accessibility   On March 15, 2012... Read More

Australia Accessibility Code

Access to Premise Standards for their Disability Discrimination Act   Australia Accessibility Code -... Read More

Canadian Accessibility Code

Disability Standards for Premises   Canadian Accessibility Code - The purpose of the  Disability... Read More