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How To Process NovAcryl® Photopolymer

Having an ideal workflow is the key to any successful business venture related to signage or manufacturing in general. There are a few key components needed to successfully produce Novacryl photopolymer signage in-house. We’ve created a great infographic to demonstrate a typical workflow environment.

 How to process Novacryl Photopolymer

How Photopolymer Signs Are Processed

  1. Artwork is created using our WorkFlow Manager design and Braille translation software
  2. Film used to expose the photopolymer is generated with the InkStar Film Solution which prints high density negatives and positives
  3. Processing the actual Novacryl® photopolymer is done with the All-In-One Orbital X Photopolymer Processor
  4. Once processed the photopolymer gets cut with either a CNC router or  with the AccuCutter Finishing Shear
  5. Applying color to the photopolymer sign panel is done by spraying Matthews Acrylic Polyurethane Paint to either the surface or second surface of the Novacryl® sign panel
  6. Tipping the raised characters are done with the Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp unit
  7. The last step is assembly of all the sign components, packaging and shipping

It’s just that easy – and we’ve done the math. Our signage process is profitable after just 1200 signs.

Watch our Novacryl® Processing Video to see a live demo of how a photopolymer sign is made.