NovAcryl Photopolymer

NovAcryl Series Photopolymer is the world leading substrate for ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification Signage. NovAcryl has the most diverse range of substrates available and allows for unlimited design while being environmentally responsible.

NovAcryl Technical Data


Novacryl Room ID Sign

The circular backplate is CNC routed .25” aluminum with a .015” aluminum photopolymer overlay at the top. The polymer is painted red with digitally printed gray band. The aluminum standoff hardwar... Read More

Novacryl PT-118 Restroom Sign

Novacryl PT-118, surface painted white and hot stamped black. A custom decorative design was added after painting and then the photopolymer piece was mounted to an acrylic back plate.... Read More

Novacryl PT-060 Room ID Sign

Novacryl PT-060 surface painted with a custom metal look. The tactile character are tipped black. The piece has been mounted to a customer design that replicates a luggage tag.... Read More

Novacryl PT-118

Novacryl PT-118 surface painted white and tipped with blue hot stamp foil. The photopolymer prices was added to a custom designed frame system.... Read More

NovAcryl PT-118 Restroom Sign

Novacryl PT-118, hot stamped and custom painted.... Read More

NovAcryl ECR Series

Nova has partnered with 3form® to develop NovAcryl ECR, one of the most creative solutions ever introduced to the Architectural Signage industry.... Read More

NovAcryl PT Series

NovAcryl PT Series photopolymer is the greenest and most versatile line of signage photopolymers ever introduced. Features include a unique, clear PETG sign base that contain a minimum of 40% post-ind... Read More

NovAcryl Exterior EX

NovAcryl Exterior Ex photopolymer is the industry’s first pure, exterior-gradnovacryl ex exterior photopolymere photopolymer resin.... Read More

NovAcryl YA Series

YA125 consists of the same moisture resistant nylon based photopolymer layer as found on NovAcryl. Clear adhesive layer allows for a brushed aluminum face appearance.... Read More

NovAcryl Permaglow

NovAcryl Permaglow 150 is the ideal solution for safety and egress signage concerns, as well as environmental concerns about energy savings and CO2 emissions.... Read More

NovAcryl LP Series

The introduction of NovAcryl LP can change the way you design your next tactile project. ... Read More