Novacryl® LP™ Series

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Novacryl® LP™ Series

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Novacryl® LP™ Laminate Base Photopolymer

novacryl lpThe introduction of Novacryl® LP™ can change the way you design your next tactile project. From woodgrains to marbles and granites, Novacryl® LP™ patterns have you covered.

We now bond Nova’s popular high-resolution clear photopolymer to over a hundred standard patterned laminate substrates from trusted names like Formica, Pionite, and Wilsonart.

LP™ Series Signage Examples

All patterns are available in 1/8” thickness and a sheet size of 19” x 25”. Simply choose the pattern you like, then fax, call, or email the manufacturer’s product code to us and we will ship your selected material with our photopolymer already bonded.

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Then all you need to do is expose and process the material using the same guidelines recommended for processing Novacryl®.

Novacryl® LP™ Product Characteristics

All patterned materials are available in 1/8” thickness and 19” x 25” sheet size. Stock patterns ship upon request and custom patterns require approximately two weeks for delivery. All Novacryl® LP™ products are intended for interior applications only. Novacryl® LP™ is environmentally friendly and user-friendly. The unique sign material is processed in plain tap water and bonds to hundreds of laminate substrates.

Technical Information


View Laminate Patterns for Wilsonart, Pionite or Formica.

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[column size=third position=first]Approved Finishes:
58 – Matte[/column][column size=third position=inner]Approved Finishes/Textures:
60 – Matte
38 – Fine Velvet Texture[/column][column size=third position=last]Approved Finishes/Textures:
SD – Textured Suede
VE – Velvet[/column]

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