White Papers


The ADA and Typography Part 3 - Color, Symbol and Braille

Since the Federal ADA guideline was adopted almost 30 years ago there have been some issues that have remained up to some interpretation, while efforts have been made to resolve these issues over time... Read More

The ADA and Typography Part 2 - Placement and Hierarchy

ADA identification signs are not just meant to stand alone in the environment but be part of a hierarchy of visual cues that support navigation by the blind and visually impaired. The ADA has a series... Read More

The ADA and Typography Part 1 - Types and Pictograms

The ADA is designed for people who have a wide spectrum of visual impairments including blindness. The ADA was updated in 2010 to differentiate between the needs of the blind and the visually impaired... Read More

Middle East Accessibility

Since the early 1990’s when the “Americans with Disabilities Act” was ratified, accessible signs have found their way to being standardized in most western countries through international guidel... Read More

Consolidated Typography

This consolidated version includes: Part 1: The History of Typography and Place, Part 2: Environmental Typography Best Practices, Part 3: Typography and the Code - ADA and Egress Codes, Part 4: Typogr... Read More

Consolidated Accessibility

Our series of ADA White Papers for Accessible Signage consolidated into one document. It includes the codes, regulations and standards for: United States, California, Canada, United Kingdom and Austra... Read More

Typography Series

Sign designers and fabricators have a unique opportunity to learn more about typography and its effect on signs in a new, 4-part white paper “Typography, Placemaking and Signs” produced by The Sig... Read More

California Accessibility

California Accessibility - UPDATED California’s Title 24 is part of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) consisting of 28 sections and released by the Department of the State Architect (DSA). Ti... Read More

United Kingdom Accessibility

United Kingdom Accessibility - The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 (DDA) is an Act of... Read More

United States Accessibility

United States Accessibility - The 2010 Standard for Accessible Design (SAD) became the American standard... Read More

Canada Accessibility

Canada does not have a single consistent national standard for accessible signs. The country has a Canadian Disability Act which requires that public spaces be made ... Read More

Australia Accessibility

Australia has a well established code structure at the national level that include disability standards... Read More

SEGD Green Paper

The SEGD Green Paper is the result of a collaborative effort by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD), Nova Polymers, Designers and fabricators.... Read More