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NovAcryl® Series Photopolymer
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Our Material In Use

  • NovaPolymers - Novacryl PT118 - Look Company - Blue Sign
  • DSC01017
  • Novacryl-PT_Access-Alert
  • Novacryl Room ID Sign
  • 1
  • 2
  • Weston Hotel Photopolymer Braille sign
  • Bellco Novacryl Photopolymer sign
  • Novacryl photopolymer surgical suite braille sign
  • NovAcryl YA Aluminum with StandOffs
  • NovAcryl ECR Harvest 429 with standoffs
  • Illuminated NovAcryl Photopolymer Sign
  • NovAcryl EXR Sign box
  • Novacryl ECR Photopolymer back painted
  • NovAcryl YA Series Photopolymer


NovAcryl Photopolymer

NovAcryl Photopolymer

Say NovAcryl Series photopolymer is the most diverse line of phtopolymer substrate signage.
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How To Speciy NovAcryl

How to Specify Novacryl

Specify NovAcryl with our 3-part CSI Spec or incorporate us in your master spec at
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Nova Polymers Equipment

Our Products

At Nova we manufacture and supply all the equipment needed to fabricate photopolymer signs.
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Service and Support

We provide the best customer service with tools like Live Chat, tutorials and training videos.
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Nova Polymers creates the highest quality of interior signs that are easy to read and understand for anyone who needs to know what direction or location they are headed to. That is the purpose in sign design; provide information to ensure people can figure out where they need to go and allow them to decide whether they need to proceed.

Regardless of the number or design of your interior signs, Nova Polymers can get the job done and done right the first time. Their highly skilled and dynamic team will ensure your sign design is beautiful, eye-catching and easy for anyone to understand. The language of signs is universal and meant to make what would otherwise be difficult to find, easy to locate.

By contacting Nova Polymers for your interior sign needs you will be partnering with the company that has achieved the best reputation in the sign design and production industry. The signs produced by Nova Polymers not only assist in directing people where they need to go or where they need to keep out of, but all their signs meet and exceed all ADA standards. This helps your business to stay completely ADA compliant at all times and not have to worry about signs not holding to this high standard. Let Nova Polymers handle all your sign needs, they can ensure your business is ADA compliant and has some of the most attractive directional interior signs possible.