NovAcryl Exterior EX

NovAcryl Exterior Grade Photopolymer

novacryl ex exterior photopolymerNovAcryl Exterior EX photopolymer is the industry’s first pure, exterior-grade photopolymer resin.

Its unique synthetic rubber monomers are exterior rated immediately after initial exposure to UV light.

NovAcryl Ex is compatible with all exterior paints and requires no extended treatments.


Novacryl EX Series Signage

NovAcryl Ex resin has a 0% swell rate in moisture-saturated environments, preventing collapse – even if the finish coat is less than perfect.


NovAcryl EX Characteristics

Exterior Photopolymer on Aluminum Characteristics
Base thickness: .015” aluminum allow.
Photopolymer layer: .032” extruded photosensitive synthetic rubber compound (Two-year shelf life).
Note: New information is available to minimize handling and the laminating process. Please call for “Advanced Processing Data Sheet” when requesting unprocessed test samples.

Technical Information

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