FAQ – How To Make A Photopolymer Sign

How To Make A Photopolymer Sign

The 5 Step Process for Making Photopolymer Signage

For more information see the NovAcryl Processing Guidelines

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What is a Stouffer Scale and how does it work?

Stouffer Scale is the best exposure test for basic exposure hardness. It’s a small negative film with 21 steps in between. The 21 steps simulate 21 different exposures, with each numbered strip letting in a certain amount of light when exposed. This way you get visual feedback to make clear judgments without guessing.

With the Nova PT™ series a solid 15 to 16 should be obtained. With the Exterior material, a solid 12 to 13 should be obtained. 

Can you cut metal and plastic with the shear I purchased?

In order to cut metal and plastic, you would need a separate metal cutting blade (upper and lower). 

What substrate options do I have with exterior polymer?

We offer an aluminum 20″x30″ sheet or a 22″x26″ steel sheet. Learn more about our exterior polymer, Novacryl® EX™ Series.

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