Novacryl® LP™ Series

Novacryl® LP™ Laminate Base Photopolymer

novacryl lpThe introduction of Novacryl® LP™ can change the way you design your next tactile project. From woodgrains to marbles and granites, Novacryl® LP™ patterns have you covered.

We now bond Nova’s popular high-resolution clear photopolymer to over a hundred standard patterned laminate substrates from trusted names like Formica, Pionite, and Wilsonart.

LP™ Series Signage Examples

All patterns are available in 1/8” thickness and a sheet size of 19” x 25”. Simply choose the pattern you like, then fax, call, or email the manufacturer’s product code to us and we will ship your selected material with our photopolymer already bonded.

Then all you need to do is expose and process the material using the same guidelines recommended for processing Novacryl®.

Novacryl® LP™ Product Characteristics

All patterned materials are available in 1/8” thickness and 19” x 25” sheet size. Stock patterns ship upon request and custom patterns require approximately two weeks for delivery. All Novacryl® LP™ products are intended for interior applications only. Novacryl® LP™ is environmentally friendly and user-friendly. The unique sign material is processed in plain tap water and bonds to hundreds of laminate substrates.

Technical Information

View Laminate Patterns for Wilsonart, Pionite or Formica.

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