Novacryl® ECR™ Series

Novacryl® ECR™ EcoResin Base Photopolymernovacryl ecr 401 photopolymer sign

Nova has partnered with 3form® to develop Novacryl® ECR™, one of the most creative solutions ever introduced to the Architectural Signage industry.

This solution bonds Nova’s clear photopolymer layer (found in the industry-leading Novacryl®) to 3form®’s Varia™ Series base material. 3form®’s patented EcoResin, which has up to 40% recycled content, compliments Nova’s already diverse line of green solutions.

ECR™ Photopolymer Signs

As the name implies, the choices of Varia™ resin panels are as diverse as your imagination. By allowing you to custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer, and finish of your material, Nova’s Varia™ series photopolymer solution transforms into the perfect medium for your architectural applications.

Click here to be taken directly to the area on our partners’ website where you can choose from hundreds of patterns.

Novacryl® ECR™ Product Information

Materials not in inventory require 2-4 weeks for delivery. All ECR™ materials are available with or without photopolymer and range from 1/8” to 1/2” thickness. Standard sheet sizes are 19” x 24”. NovAcryl® ECR™ is environmentally friendly and user-friendly. The unique sign material is processed in plain tap water and bonds to 3form®’s EcoResin panels, which are non-toxic and have up to 40% recycled content.

Technical Information

3form® Varia™ EcoResin

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