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Novacryl PT Series – Music Classroom Sign

.125″ clear photopolymer with subsurface digitally printed graphics and protective surface applied clear coat finish. Integral raised text and braille. Fabricated by:...
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Novacryl Speakers Room Sign

Fabricated Using Novacryl PT-118 photopolymer unpainted with raised text and Braille (pay particular attention to the detail of the smaller letters including...
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Novacryl PT-118 Stair Sign

Novacryl PT-118 photopolymer surface painted with raised decorative bar on top raised pictograph, text, and Braille with a digitally printed multi-colored accent...
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Novacryl Fitness Studio Sign

Novacryl PT-118 surface painted black and tipped white. The piece is mounted to a custom decorative backplate with a red accent piece....
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Novacryl Room ID Sign

The circular backplate is CNC routed .25” aluminum with a .015” aluminum photopolymer overlay at the top. The polymer is painted red...
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Novacryl-PT 202 Tactile Element

Novacryl PT series photopolymer with a Braille and a raised decorative border and design element. The photopolymer was surface painted and the...
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Novacryl ECR – West

Novacryl ECR – Bear Grass (base material 20% post-industrial recycled content, Green Guard certified). Subsurface painted using low VOC coating. Tactile surface...
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