Purchase Photopolymer Materials

Purchase Photopolymer Materials

Novacryl® Photopolymer is the most diverse line of photopolymer substrates for ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification Signage. Novacryl® has the most diverse range of substrates available and allows for unlimited design while being environmentally responsible.

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Nova Polymers Equipment

Purchase Photopolymer Equipment

Purchase Photopolymer Equipment

Achieve high profit margins while retaining a low cost of entry by bringing your Accessible Sign Solutions In-House. A complete photopolymer processing system costs less than $45,000 including training and installation.

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How to Specify

How to Specify

Nova has created a Section 10440 3-part CSI Product Specifications for Interior and Exterior Signage for use by architects and designers. These specifications are then incorporated into the master specifications for commercial projects.

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Nova Polymers is Clean Air GOLD Certified

Nova Polymers is proud to be Clean Air GOLD Certified. With this indoor air quality certification, our customers can be assured that our photopolymer products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and in compliance with VOC emissions and low-emitting materials for CDPH, WELL, and LEED.

Novacryl® Designer Series Photopolymer

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Nova Polymers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products in the United States, Canada, Europe, The Middle East, and Australia. We developed the world’s first CLEAR photopolymer sign material. The introduction of Novacryl® continues to have a profound effect on the creative potential of the sign design and fabrication industries.

Nova manufactures and distributes materials and equipment that are used to produce Architectural & Accessible Signage. We manufacture materials that meet or exceed all domestic and international standards for accessibility, including the 2010 ADA Standard.

Today, Nova Polymers continues to work with the Architectural Signage and Design community to expand our high quality and progressive product line in ways that will add creativity and flexibility while maintaining & exceeding ADA compliance guidelines. Our goal is to educate the design community so that demand is created for the products fabricators manufacture.

Our Material In Use

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WHITE PETG Graphic Components 302 Silver 

Novacryl® PT™ Series WHITE PETG – Brushed Aluminum

Novacryl® PT Series White PETG sign fabricated using 1/4″ White PETG with brushed aluminum copy on 1/4″ brushed aluminum back...
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WHITE PETG Graphic Components 3812 Gold 

Novacryl® PT™ Series WHITE PETG – Gold Metallic

Novacryl® PT Series White PETG sign fabricated using 1/4″ White PETG with gold metallic copy and accents. >> Learn more...
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WHITE PETG Ad Light Group 826 Sign Featured 

Novacryl® PT™ Series WHITE PETG – Room ID with Insert

Novacryl® PT Series White PETG sign fabricated using white photopolymer with raised border geo-details and raised lettering and braille. >>...
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  • Intertek Clean Air Gold Certified


How to Achieve ADA Signage Compliance: Mounting Height

The Federal ADA signage guidelines can be difficult to navigate due to their complex and meticulous requirements. Our new series, “How to Achieve ADA Signage Compliance,” aims to empower sign manufacturers with the education they need to ensure ADA compliance for each sign they ship out.  Installing signs in public...
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