ADA Compliant. PERIOD

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Nova Polymer ADA Compliant PERIOD

NovAcryl Series Photopolymer – ADA Compliant. PERIOD

NovAcryl Series Photopolymer is the world-leading substrate for ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification Signage. NovAcryl has the most diverse range of substrates available and allows for unlimited design while being environmentally responsible.

NovAcryl Specification – 3-part CSI product Specifications for Interior and Exterior Signage. Nova has created a section 10440 signage specification for use by architects and designers. These specifications are then incorporated into the master specifications for commercial projects.

You can download and create a 3-part spec using Spec Wizard from or download in .wpd, .doc, or .rtf format by clicking below.

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Every business requires signs to inform its occupants and patrons where items and facilities are located throughout the business. In addition to needing signs that offer directional information signs need to offer warnings and messages that can be easily read and understood. Not only do these signs need to be legible and informative to able-bodied patrons, but they must also meet some very strict guidelines and be ADA compliant.

ADA compliant signs are signs that offer visual assistance through pictures as well as with the use of braille to offer information that can be easily and universally understood by just about anyone. Nova Polymers offers a full line of ADA compliant signage materials for any business to take advantage of. This allows business owners to know their signs meet, or even exceed, all ADA guidelines.

Nova Polymers can offer signs for any business that is informative, attractive, descriptive, and ADA compliant.

Download and View Novacryl 10440 Interior Specification

Download and View Novacryl 10430 Exterior Specification

NovAcryl Photopolymer Technical Data

How to Specify NovAcryl Photopolymer

Info-Graphic: How To Specify NovAcryl®


Follow these 5 easy steps for specifying and finding the perfect NovAcryl® product for your needs.


Specifying NovAcryl® in 5 easy steps.

  1. Visit or to download the Novacryl® 3-part CSI spec.
  2. Define the required environment of the project – exterior or interior.
  3. Choose the Novacryl® family of substrates that best meets the design requirement of the facility.
    Novacrl® PT – clear PETG base
    Novacryl® ECR – 3form eco-resin base
    Novacryl® LP – textured and patterned laminate base
    Novacryl® YA – brushed aluminum
    Novacryl® Permaglow – photoluminescent
  4. Incorporate material specifications with the overall facility design and select color, size, style, gauge and finish based on Novacryl® Series material chosen.
  5. Incorporate Novacryl® into your specifications. There is a list of global Novacryl® Preferred Fabricators listed in the Novacryl® spec.

Watch our Novacryl® Processing Video to see a live demo of how a photopolymer sign is made.

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Request A FREE Sample of Novacryl

Please fill out the form below to get a FREE Novacryl sample kit for your next ADA Sign Project.


Request A FREE Sample of Novacryl

Please fill out the form below to get a FREE Novacryl sample kit for your next ADA Sign Project.

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