Nova Polymers Makes In - House Photopolymer Printing Easy

  Architectural sign companies are taking control of their business and increasing profit margins... Read More

Novacryl® Photopolymer - An Animated Guide

This short animated film will teach everything you need to know about Nova Polymers Novacryl® Designer Series Photopolymer and how it can help you create Accessible Signage that maintains your high d... Read More

Photopolymer Processing

Processing NovAcryl photopolymer demonstation using a small table-top demo unit. This video will give you the overall concept of how a photopolymer sign is made.... Read More

Kongsberg I Cut Digital Cutting Table

Kongsberg I Cut Digital Cutting Table... Read More

Adheso-Cut Tape Dispensing Unit from Nova Polymers

Definite length adhesive cutting device for pressure sensitive tape. Allows the user to set... Read More

Kongsberg Cutting Tables Nova

The Kongsberg die-less cutting and creasing tables deliver record-breaking productivity and versatility, resulting from leading edge technology.... Read More

Nova Polymers at ISA Las Vegas Expo 2011

Nova Polymers exhibited at the 2011 International Sign Association's (ISA) Expo in Las Vegas,... Read More

Interview with Jamie Harden, Creative Sign Designs

An interview with Jamie Harden, President & CEO of Creative Sign Designs in Tampa, FL.... Read More

Interview with Mike Santos about the Photopolymer Process

A discussion with Mike Santos, Director of Sales and Product Development for Nova Polymers.... Read More

Process Control: How To Ensure ADA Compliancy using NovAcryl Photopolymer

Walk through the process of using the 21 Step Stouffer Scale with Mike Santos. The Stouffer Scales is considered the "holly grail" of photopolymer processing and ensures that the Novacryl photopolymer... Read More

ADA Requirement for Room Identification Signage

Watch this great trailer of Nova's CES Course for ADA Compliant Signage given by Dave Miller during the 2011 ISA Expo in Las Vegas, NV. ... Read More

Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp Unit - How To Install

Learn how to install and set up the Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp machine for... Read More

Epson Inkjet Printer Installation and SetUp

Epson Inkjet Printer Installation and SetUp - Walk through the process of setting up and installing an Epson 7700 Photo Stylus Inkjet printer with Nova Polymers.... Read More

LIVE from ISA 2012 Expo

Nova Polymers, booth 2559, LIVE from ISA 2012 Expo in Orlando,FL.... Read More

Workflow Manager Training Video

Workflow Manger software is designed to assist in the design and building of files to creating film negative and positives for the production of photpolymer ADA Signage.... Read More

How To Process NovAcryl Photopolymer Sign Material

A processing demonstration of how to make NovAcryl photpolymer signage using an Orbital X... Read More

Stouffer Scale Video

The 21 Step Stouffer Scale allow you to control the UV light during the exposure process. By using the Stouffer Scale you can control the exposure... Read More

Orbital X PhotoPolymer Installation

Learn how to install the Orbital X Photopolymer process with Nova Polymers. The Orbital X is a 24"x30" WaterWash ... Read More

Sign Industry Update: LEED Icons

Acorn Sign Graphics, VA developed a series of LEED icons for the USGBC. The icons can be used to educate the public on the environmental attributes of a building. The icons can be incorporated into si... Read More

How To Paint NovAcryl Photopolymer

Learn how to paint NovAcryl photopolymer using Matthews Paint. This video walks through the process of cleaning substrates, mixing painting, spaying interior and exterior photopolymer, using a wet fil... Read More

NovAcryl Video Gallery

A fun video gallery showing the many different ways to use NovAcryl series photopolymer to create unique and custom ADA complaint Braille signage.... Read More