Orbital X Maintenance

orbital x photopolymer processor

Maintaining A Photopolymer  Processor


Orbital X Maintenance – The Orbital X Photopolymer Process requires basic maintenance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Following a few simple steps will allow the Orbital X to perform at an optimum level over many years. The equipment is fairly simple and general maintenance and be done in a minutes a day.

Photopolymer Equipment Maintenance


  • Drain the water out of the washout tank and refill with clean water.  Always keep the brush submerged in water.
  • Cover the sticky mat on the washout platen with a piece of Mylar after use.


  • Thoroughly clean the washout tank and brush.  Always refill the washout tank and keep the brush submerged in water.
  • Perform an exposure test with the 21 Step UV Stouffer Scale to ensure proper amount of UV output.  Adjust exposure time accordingly to achieve a solid 16 on the Stouffer Scale.


  • Apply small amount of lubricating grease to the leveling pads on the washout platen.
  • Replace the vinyl cover sheet in the main exposure draw.


  • Replace the bulbs in both the main exposure draw and the post exposure draw.

*Refer to equipment manual if necessary or contact Nova Polymers Technical Support with questions.

Photopolymer Equipment Maintenance