NovAcryl Permaglow

NovAcryl Permaglow 150 Photoluminescent


NovAcryl Permaglow 150 is the ideal solution for safety and egress signage concerns, as well as environmental concerns about energy savings and CO2 emissions. Permaglow 150 absorbs ambient light during the day and provides photo-luminescent emergency guidance at night. At night time, or in the event of a power outage, the photo-luminescent material instantly emits light without any electrical power.  NovAcryl Permaglow 150  ensures orderly egress to and inside stairwells and exits, clearly identifies fire extinguishers and emergency aids, and illuminates fire escape and evacuation routes.

NovAcryl Permaglow Product Characteristics

Base interior photopolymer (.032”) is applied to .047” thick power 150/22 photo-luminescent rigid PVC. Luminance is measured per ASTM E2072-04
(American Society for Testing and Material) and DIN 67510. Luminance is at 150 milli candela per square meter (mcd/m”) after 10 minutes and 22 milli candela per square meter after 60 minutes in full darkness, following activation by 1,000 Lux Xenon Lighting for 5 minutes, per ASTM E2073-02.

Background color of NovAcryl® Permaglow 150TM photo- luminescent material closely matches PMS 5807.

Technical Information

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