DyeStar Inkjet Ink

DyeStar Inkjet Ink is a dye based ink developed for the production of high density film negatives and positives. DyeStar Ink can be used with Epson Photo Stylus Inkjet printer. By using DyeStar Ink in conjunction with the StarRIP and InkStar film from Nova, you’ll be able to easily and efficiently produce all you film needs in-house!

Dyestar OEM SuppliesDyeStar Ink is available multiple devices:

  • Epson 4880, 4900 - 110ml / 220ml cartridges
  • Epson 7700, 7880, 7900 - 110ml / 220ml cartridges
  • Epson 9700, 9880, 9900 - 110ml / 220ml cartridges

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DyeStar Technical Information