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novacryl ecr sign photoNova Polymers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products in the United States, Canada, Europe, The Middle East and Australia. We developed the world’s first CLEAR photopolymer sign material. The introduction of NovAcryl continues to have a profound effect on the creative potential of the sign design and fabrication industries.

Today, Nova Polymers continues to work with the Architectural Signage and Design community to expand our high quality and progressive product line in ways that will add creativity and flexibility while maintaining & exceeding ADA compliance guidelines. Our goal is to educate the design community so that there is demand created for the products fabricators manufacture.



Nova manufactures and distributes materials and equipment that are used to produce Architectural & Accessible Signage. We manufacture materials that meet or exceed all domestic and international standards for accessibility, including the 2010 ADA Standard.

The materials we manufacture have a 1/32” (.0325” or .8mm) photo-reactive layer extruded to their surface. Our patented and exclusive manufacturing process allows us to create a “chemical weld” or integral bond between the 2 surfaces.

Our manufacturing process insures a greater level of security as it relates to vandalism and allows the fabricators that use our materials to obtain a level of quality & consistency that are not possible using other mechanical processes for sign manufacturing.


Nova is an AIA Approved Continuing Education Provider. (Provider #K325) ((link to CE Page)) We develop and deliver educational content so that Architects & Designers can maintain their licensees throughout the world. The content we develop is aimed at educating both fabricators and Designs about best practices, codes and regulations related to ADA/Accessibility Compliance and Sustainable Design.

We deliver AIA approved courses to thousands of Architects, Designers and Fabrication professionals every year.

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Whether you are an Architect looking for new sign material solutions, a Designer that is exploring new creative options, or a Sign Fabricator - Nova Polymers is your single source for innovative and environmentally responsible solutions.

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