ADA Business Development

Our Goal Is To Grow Your Business


Consider us your ADA Business Development Partners. At Nova Polymers we like to take a consultative approach in selling products to our clients. Our relationship with our customers does not end at the sale of equipment or materials. We work with you as a partner to help you navigate the Requirements of ADA Compliant Signage and develop growth in this department of your business.

While we are known for our quality materials and fabrication equipment, when you become a Nova Polymers Partner you will discover our reputation for training, service and technical support surpasses every supplier. Whether you are an Architect looking for new sign material solutions, a Designer that is exploring new creative options, or a Sign Fabricator, Nova Polymers is your single source for Innovative Solutions for Accessible Signage.

2013 Construction Forcast

ADA-Business-DevelopmentAccording to numbers from McGraw-Hill, the outlook for commercial construction in 2013 is good, though growth may be slow. Numbers from the last couple of years show that growth in the construction industry has been hesitant, at best. Compared to the 2005 peak of construction activity, the industry has a long way to go. The data shows, however, that the industry is starting to make the journey toward recovery and that some areas of construction have shown promising growth. Read more about the The 2013 McGraw-Hill 2013 Construction Forecast.

Profitability and a Quick ROI*

Nova’s Specialists will show you how to achieve High profit margins while retaining a low cost of entry bringing your Accessible Sign Solutions In-House. A $30k investment with an ROI of 3 interior sign jobs.*

*A typical interior ADA sign job consists of around 300 Braille signs. An average 8″x8″ photopolymer sign that is 1/8″ thick and surface painted, can yield a profit margin of approx. $40.00. This allows you to realize an ROI after 750 Braille signs or roughly 3 interior jobs.


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